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Book Cosmic Fusion The Inner Alchemy of the Eight Forces by Chia, Mantak [Destiny Books,2007] (Paperback)


Cosmic Fusion The Inner Alchemy of the Eight Forces by Chia, Mantak [Destiny Books,2007] (Paperback)

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Cosmic Fusion The Inner Alchemy of the Eight Forces by Chia, Mantak. Published by Destiny Books,2007, Binding: Paperback

Cosmic Fusion The Inner Alchemy of the Eight Forces by Chia, Mantak. Published by Destiny Books,2007, Binding: Paperback

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Review Text

  • By L. Ron Gardner on December 22, 2014

    A fan of my Amazon reviews sent me not one, but six Mantak Chia books. The fan appreciates my deep and detailed reviews, but opined that I needed to consider the Light or Rainbow Body (held out to be the Summum Bonum of spiritual evolution by some Tibetan Buddhists and Taoists). In the fan's opinion, while the Tibetans are "unclear about techniques" that enable a yogi to attain a Light or Rainbow Body, renowned Taoist master Mantak Chia has (finally, after decades of teaching) "made these techniques public." While the fan appreciates the (Ramana-Maharshi-inspired) emphasis I place on the "cutting of the Heart-knot" (as the doorway to full En-Light-ennment) in my reviews, he maintains that the cutting of this knot "is not the final level," but merely a prelude to getting a Light or Rainbow body, which enables a yogi's physical body to dematerialize into pure energy.The timing of his email and books could not have been better. I had just finished my (two-star) review of the "The Natural Bliss of Being," wherein the author (Jackson Peterson) and I, along with a few others, had engaged in a spirited debate (over the course of 250 + comments) regarding the importance of attaining a Light or Rainbow Body and other related matters. Now, after considering the Light or Rainbow Body in a Tibetan context, I was ready to do so in a Taoist one.I was already very familiar with Mantak Chia before I received the books. Not only had I read three of his texts 30 + years ago, I had participated in an all-day seminar with him in Marin County (circa 1980), which centered on the Microcosmic Orbit meditation he was emphasizing at the time. I experimented with the Microcosmic Orbit meditation for a while, but found it reductive and remedial (compared to the Daist and Buddhist meditation I was practicing), and eventually Mantak Chia was just a distant memory and another ex-teacher for me.I quickly zipped through the six books I was sent (I'm a speed reader), and three things became apparent to me: 1) Mantak Chia was guilty of the "Suze Orman syndrome," of rewriting essentially the same book over and over again and repackaging it under a different title; 2) Mantak Chia was a metaphysical and mystical moron, about as Enlightened as uber-popular "Bieber Buddha" Bentinho Massaro; 3) since "Cosmic Fusion" was the best of the six books (which isn't saying much) and the only one with any real information on attaining a Light or Rainbow Body, it would be the only one of the six books that I would review. With that in mind, I reread it, took copious notes, and am now ready to discourse on it.The word "Tao,"means the Way, but the teachings of Mantak Chia have nothing to do with the "Way" expounded by legendary original Taoists Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu, and everything to do with the "path" -- endless (literally hundreds upon hundreds) exclusive, reductive, remedial practices or methods. Chia covers a lot of ground with his practices, but it's all surface-level smoke and mirrors. As soon as he attempts to dig beneath the surface, he reveals himself as a metaphysical meathead.First off, the claims that this book makes are laughable - unless, of course, you realize that Chia is peddling a long and winding "Stairway to Heaven." (A shrewd businessman, he estimates it will take "thirty-five books" to convey the totality of his Universal Tao System. Cha-ching!)Regarding physical immortality, Chia writes:"One can simply transform the physical body into the immortal body and leave this world or return to it at will. This is the state of complete physical immortality. It takes from eighty to a few hundred years to complete the practices and transfom all the material elements of our body into the immaterial. The final goal is ascending to heaven in broad daylight is reached."There are records in Chinese history of many thousands of Taoist immortals who reached the level of daylight ascension in the presence of many witnesses."Pure hokum, I say. First off, if it takes eighty to a few hundred years to get an immortal ("rainbow," according to the Tibetans) body, how did the Tibetans (putatively) accomplish it, since none of them lived that long? Second, people don't live a few hundred years (let alone eighty years after beginning spiritual practice).Third, the two greatest (original) Taoists, Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu, and none of the great Chinese Zen masters ever mentioned this immortal body, yet "thousands of Taoist masters supposedly attained it. Why is that? Fourth, although Chia (or whoever composed this book for him) talks about the immortal body, it's just a tease. No detailed practice is provided, and what's alluded to doesn't at all mesh with the Tibetan Togal teachings that are said to lead to an immortal, or rainbow, body. For example, Chia has nothing to say about rainbow colors in conjunction with attaining this "immortal" body.Mantak Chia has come a long way (a long way down, that is) since the early eighties, when he began with just the Microcosmic Orbit meditation and didn't venture into low-level mystical mumbo jumbo. He now produces bubble-gum-level spiritual books (which he probably doesn't even personally write). A large portion of this book consists of oversized "feel-good" comic-book type illustrations to glamorize the rudimentary and repetitive visualization and affirmation exercises he teaches. He'll have you concentrating on one organ after another, and imagining groovy positive changes happening. But there are also some physical exercises. And he informs us, "If you do not strengthen your anal muscles, you will not progress far in the Universal Tao System's practices." In other words, forget about getting an immortal body in this incarnation if you suffer from compromised rear-end sphincters.The writing is slipshod. New terms are introduced and not defined. For example, I was confronted with terms such as "pearl" and "pakua," without their meaning being provided. We are told that there are three bodies - physical, energy, and spiritual - and then later, without explanation, a fourth one, a soul body, is added to the equation. The term "Higher Self" is also introduced without explanation. Chia writes:"At this stage of practice, we learn to digest inceasingly higher-grade energies of the Higher Self and Universal Forces from the sun, moon, planets, stars, and galaxies, and from the mind of the Tao itself. An awakening to that which is eternal and enduring occurs through this practice. Conscious of our true nature as spirits, we experience the ability to leave the physical body and travel in the immortal spirit body, which leads to the inner worlds of spirit."If anyone is able to digest Universal Forces from the sun, moon stars and galaxies, let me know; I say it's poppycock. Also let me know how you are able to differentiate these from each other as well as from the energies of the Higher Self. What's particularly funny is that Chia uses the term "the mind of the Tao itself. The term "Tao" simply means "Way." How can a "Way" have a mind? Finally, the "travel in the immortal spirit body" and "inner worlds of spirit" are just a tease. Nothing more is said about them in the book.Regarding the cutting of the Heart-knot, Chia has nothing to say. He identifies two minds in addition to the one in our head - the Heart Mind and the Abdominal Mind - but he places the Heart Mind on the left side of the chest rather than the right, where it properly belongs. Moreover, there is nothing about how the attainment of an immortal body relates to the Heart Mind.According to Chia, the spirit body is the immortal body, is the Light or Rainbow Body, is the Holy Spirit. If the Holy Spirit is the Light or Rainbow Body, why don't the great Christian and Jewish mystics speak of a Rainbow body and the dematerialization of one's physical body? And since the Holy Spirit is a synonym for Shakti, why don't the great Hindu tantric traditions, such as Kashmir Shaivism, talk about physical dematerialization and the Rainbow body?In the end, all that Chia leaves us with regarding the attainment of a Light or Rainbow body is an unelaborated-upon reference to uniting Kan (Water) and Li (Fire). If you're looking for detailed specifics regarding this esoteric alchemical attainment, you'll have to look elsewhere, or else wait for yet more Mantak Chia's books in the hopes of eventually getting the secret formula.Mantak Chia informs us that there are three minds: the regular mind, the heart mind and the abdominal mind. I say there is a fourth mind -- Chia's, the Muddled, Money-Grubbing Mind peddling a "Stairway to Heaven."

  • By Michael J. Rhodes, Award-Winning Author of The Freedom Code on February 20, 2016

    2/20/16 updateOn pages 89 and 145 in Awaken Healing Energy Through the Tao, Mantak addresses ringing in the ears. His explanation is not 100% accurate. If you are doing spiritual work and you experience ringing in the ears, you might have a negative entity or spirit (succubus) attached to your body. You may have etheric mind-control implants in your head and body, or you might be under psychic attack from the New World Order secret government.The secret government/MKUltra mind-control program uses a frequency modulator with embedded hypnosis suggestions to attack its victims. The victim will experience a steady tone in the ear, especially the left ear. This was doable in 1974. The dark aliens also attack the left brain because it is associated with logic and thought processes.Mantak’s remedies, which are swallowing saliva, relaxing the head, focusing on the navel, or massaging the naval area, won’t fix attacks from aliens and the MKUltra mind-control program.Original Review:This review is for two of Mantak Chia’s books. I’ve read Awaken Healing Energy Through the Tao, Cosmic Fusion, and Fusion of the Eight Psychic Channels. I enjoyed these books. They are very informative; and they give the reader a glimpse into the Taoist belief system.My gut tells me that Mantak has a sincere interest in helping others heal themselves with his Taoist energy system. I don’t believe there is any attempt to deceive people with dark practices, manipulations, or false information. I’ve seen videos of him teaching. He is warm, friendly, not egotistical in the least, and he shows a genuine interest in helping his audience to understand his teachings and practices. I give his sincerity 5 stars.All three books are very detailed and have numerous illustrations to help the reader understand the specific acupuncture points of the body, specific energy points of the body, the direction of energy flow in the body, special meridians, the overall practices and meditations, and expected sensations from doing each exercise. I find his books to be descriptive, detailed, and organized. I give the instructional aspect of his books 5 stars.Some of his justifications he uses to back up his system are questionable and should be considered as Mantak’s personal opinions. I do not agree with all of his justifications that he uses as proof to back up his system. I give this part of his books 3.5 stars.The system itself won’t keep you from aging or dying. These are not judgment statements, these are practical observations. Mantak is still aging, even though he practices his system. As Mantak has aged, his body seems to have stopped metabolizing like a young male’s body would and has gotten larger. Again, these are just simple observations and are not statements to put down Mantak in any way.I do like his explanation and practice of the inner smile. This could easily be a part of his cheery demeanor. I have noticed a positive difference in my body and attitude when I use the inner smile on my body parts.There are numerous things that Mantak does not discuss in his books that are causes for blockages in a person’s energy flow. It might be because he has not experienced this in his lifetime, yet. I didn’t experience these dark oriented energy blocks until a few years back, either—and it’s not in my first book—so I don’t fault him at all for not having this in his books. Let me explain…I have been doing spiritual meditation for over 12 years. When you meditate long periods of time with the intent of being more loving, caring, and helpful, you raise your vibration. When you raise your vibration, you can also start feeling other densities. You can also start feeling the influences and actions from the dark side—even with protection. The dark side uses etheric mind-control implants and 4th dimensional machinery to block the meridians, block the chakras, and stop your energy flow. It also seems that some of the reptilians and other dark entities know how to collapse a person’s auric field, too. I have experienced this first hand, and on a daily basis.Mantak’s teachings do not cover this as a potential problem. In his books, all energy blocks are explained as problems with normal human existence, however, the New World/Old World agenda is part of everyday normal life. People can experience blocks and not know that they originated with a dark agenda to stop people from raising their consciousness. (If you want more information on this, start researching the New World Order, MKUltra mind-control programs, reptilians, grey aliens, and etheric implants. This will open your mind to things that aren’t covered in these books in regard to energy blockages.)What else does this system do?In Fusion of the Eight Psychic Channels, he does a great job of explaining how these eight meridian channels create the body. By focusing on these eight channels and doing meditations on the meridian paths, I have experienced a greater energy flow. I have combined this with his version of the Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Orbit—which he explains in great detail in Awaken Healing Energy Through the Tao.His system does bring a tiny bit of doubt to the table. Mantak’s description, energy points, and meditations to move energy through the eight psychic channels does differ slightly from other teachers. The hard part is knowing which system is the right one and which system should be believed as correct.I don’t do everything Mantak’s way, but I won’t discourage anyone from doing things as he describes, either. The best piece of advice I can give is to try a number of systems and continue with the one that gives you the best positive results.I recommend these books for further exploration into Qi Gong, Nei Gong, and positive living.

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